"... Like I said last year when I logged on for the very first time, I have never met a program so intuitive and easy to step into with no training - and yet that does everything I want it to. Usually when my clients go off QuickBooks, I am tearing my hair out - but not with Remote Landlord...."
Y. Barenholtz, CPA
"The system is so user friendly that it only takes us about three hours to train a new employee."
J. Ehrman, Optimum Management
"I love the program. It is amazing. It cuts our work down into a fraction of what it used to be."
M. Rosenberg, Lafayette Management Corp
"We really appreciate the customer service."
R. Kravetz, MSL Management
"I just processed my first batch of rent checks on your system. What used to take me an entire day took only a couple of hours! I am very pleased."
M. Nukho, GEM Management
"The legal module works great and is going to save me a lot of time."
J. Schwartz, Wessex Management
"I evaluated 6 or 7 property management software programs and the only one I really liked was Remote Landlord, and I am not easily impressed!"
G. Eichorn, UP Realty
“This system is awesome”
Fernando Barbosa, Broadway Real Estate, LLC
“I used the Owner Distribution screen last night for the first time. I have to tell you that it is such a nice feature. It really made paying distributions so much easier! Keep up the good work!”
Y. Moller, Chelsea Management
“You're the best.”
Naomi Mott, Bronstein Properties
"Just wanted to say that printing our first billing cycle went off without a hitch...”
Doron Yaghoubi, Republic Investment Company
“I really find your program to be extremely friendly and helpful.”
C. Moses, Central Management Services
“You’ve got a great product!”
S. Verschleisser, Sapphire Management
"I absolutely adore the system!"
Karen Benitez, B Lopez and Son Management
"By giving our owners direct logins we don’t have to send them financials, they can get everything they need directly."
Martyna Kaczmarska, Bedford Property Management
"That was an A+... Outstanding!"
David Rivas, Republic Investments
"I’m really liking this system!"
I. Finkelstein, YCF Management
"I’ve got to say, Remote Landlord is pretty easy to work with."
Richard Miro, CFO/Controller, POKO Management Corp.
"You make it so easy!"
Latasha Santana, Horizon Properties
"The service is great"
Brian Lesser, EJ Realty
"I love the ease of making corrections after something was entered wrong."
A. Kohn, Lafayette Management Corp
"This makes my life 10 times easier"
Josh Kirshner, EBD Management

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